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Benefit from our local knowledge and partnerships with local authorities & companies.

Technical Assistance & Coordination 

Assistance to shipowners, shipyards and companies with projects in France and Europe : Naval Projects as Your local time saver & facilitator.


Dry dock & berth booking

Assist the project managers

Spare parts supplies

Listing of sub contractors

Divers booking

Design offices, technical drawings

Stability tests

Shafts alignments



Deck & interior protections

Teak works


Project Management

Managing the whole technical stop :

Rely on us to deal with your technical stop from the quote to the delivery of the works.

Partnerships :

Share competencies doing a partnership with Naval Projects on a dedicated project.

Inside your company on dedicated projects :

Need an extra or replacement project manager in your company,

Need some assistance for preparing a project, 

Naval Projects can assist you worldwide.

In addition to all technical matters, Naval Projects can help out with crew :

General Assistance for the Crew


Crew accomodation

Taxi booking

Ferry tickets

Medical assistance

Visa assistance

Time off : restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, golf courses 


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